CY-50 Automatic candy bar cutting and forming machine


CY-50 Automatic candy bar cutting and forming machine

Purpose and features:

It is used for making of peanut candy, seasame candy, crunchy rice candies, sachima, black rice cake and other various granular grain products.

1. It adoptsadvanced computer touch screen, PLC control, variable frequency speed control and automatic deviation of product parameters with convenient operation.

2. It adopts continuous automatic feeding, flattening, dicing and conveying of finished products.

3. The machine frame is made of standard heavy profiles through welding, ensuring sufficient rigidity and strength. The external part is made of 304 stainless steel.

4. According to customer requirements, it can be provided with material spreader and pneumatic clapper, and nylon or atainless steel can be used for the hopper.

5. Low manual work and high output.

Technical parameter:

1. Production capacity: 300-400kg/h

2. Power: 6.1kw (not including heat preservation device)

3. Weight: 1950kg

4. Dimension: 6200*1400*1200mm

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