CY-280/350/450 Multifunction automatic packaging machine

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CY-280/350/450 Multifunction automatic packaging machine


It is suitable for packaging solid food, such as biscuits, rice krispies treats, custard pie, snow cake, chocolate, bread, moon cake, ect.


It has such features as servo photoelectric tracking, variable frequency speed control, stopping at the designated position and picture indication, automatic fault diagnosis, packaging film saving and convenient maintenance.

Technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: 40-300piece/min

2. Packaged material size: (65-190)*(50-120)*(20-65)/(65-220)*(50-150)*(20-60)mm

3. Total power: 2.8kw

4. Weight: 600kg

5. Dimension: 3800*1000*1600mm

6. Packaging materials: OPP, CPP, PET, aluminum plating film, aluminum-plastic film and other heat sealable materials

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