CY-S800 Automatic double twist packaging machine

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CY-S800 Automatic double twist packaging machine

Purpose and features:

1. It has such features as simple operation, high efficiency, manpower saving, stable running, low noise and convenient maintenance.

2. The core parts use imported novel high precision wheel cam indexing mechanism to make all actions accurate.

3. The AC motor with frequency converter realizes stepless variable speed control. With high precision, energy saving and improved service life, dynamic adjustment during the running can be realized.

4. It adopts the automatic PLC computer controller and internationally advanced photoelectric sensor for detection and two-way tracking, with such functions as fast tracking, accurate patterns and being able to effectively eliminate packaging errors.

5. It is provided with such functions as overload protection, electric leakage protection and alarm in case of no film.

6. The parts that contact food are made of stainless steel, with good smoothness and easy cleaning.

7. It can use single-layer or double-layer packaging film and can be equipped with automatic feeding hopper.


Technical parameters

1. Production capacity: 380Piece/min

2. Packaged material size: (18-32)*(12-26)*(6-20)mm

3. Total power: 2.5kw

4. Weight: 1280kg

5. Dimensions: 2030*1250*1810mm

6. Packaging materials: OPP, CPP, PET, aluminum plating film, aluminum-plastic film and other heat sealable materials

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