CYYB-260 Irregular-shaped lollipop packaging machine

lollipop four-sides packing machine


CYYB-260 Irregular-shaped lollipop packaging machine

Purpose and features:

This machine is a special machinery manufactured according to the packaging features of irregular-shaped lollipops. It adopts such processes as manual lollipop arranging, mechanical hand lollipop clamping and conveying, thermal sealing packaging and pruning shear cutting. The lollipop after packaging has beautiful appearance, good safety and sanitation.

The machine adopts variable frequency and servo control, with such features as wide speed adjusting range, stable running, ect.


Technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: ≤200Pieces/min

2. Packaged material type: Irregular-shaped

3. Packaging bag specification: 60*60*22mm

4. Total power: 3kw

5. Weight: 1000kg

6. Dimensions: 3000*800*1450mm

Tel: 0086-515-85450333